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2024-04-17 15:12

Antonio Vettese



INTERVIEW Brunello Acampora by Antonio Vettese

by Antonio Vettese


Exploring the Intersection of Design, Innovation, and Craftsmanship in Modern Yachting: An Interview with Brunello Acampora.


In this exclusive interview, we delve into the evolving landscape of contemporary yachting with Brunello Acampora, a renowned figure in the industry. From his insights on the changing perceptions of yacht design to the ambitious Bolide range and the decision to venture into boat building, Brunello shares his perspectives on navigating the seas of innovation while preserving the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Join us as we uncover the artistry and engineering behind luxury yachts and the vision driving their future.


Brunello, in the modern yachting industry, it seems like the significance of the hull, which has been fundamental for years, has somewhat diminished. What are your thoughts on this?


We're seeing a growing number of people entering the world of yachting, and for many of them, the technical side is taken as a given—they expect it to be perfected. It's akin to buying a car; if you're not a car enthusiast, you don't delve into the technical details of its handling, braking, or other technological aspects. Instead, users focus on what they see, touch, and experience on the vessel. So, it's understandable that there's less emphasis on the hull compared to when boats were primarily used by experienced owners or skilled crews who placed great importance on technical aspects. 


Personally, I have a passion for naval architecture and engineering, but as a designer who appreciates beauty, style, and Italian craftsmanship, I must say, the industry is doing remarkable work. However, there's a concern that shipyards may be paying less attention to necessary advancements due to incorrect marketing strategies, mistaking apparent lack of user interest for an insignificant matter. But users do rely on these advancements for safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, and ecological considerations. It's crucial not to betray this trust and to continuously innovate in both technology and design.


Your views on design seem to emphasize aesthetics and innovation, almost as if it's about doing things differently. Could you elaborate on this?


Certainly. I believe we're moving in the right direction, although amidst constant change and dynamism. We're at a stage where different disciplines need to converge more seamlessly. As a designer, I see the importance of integrating software and computational fluid dynamics into our work. The challenge lies in breaking down the barriers between various fields of expertise. Take Leonardo da Vinci, for instance—was he merely an artist or a scientist? Did he confine himself to one discipline? No, he explored various realms, and that's the mindset we should adopt. We must encourage interdisciplinary collaboration to ensure that aesthetics isn't merely superficial but inherent in every object. The ultimate goal is to create works of art that express the romantic and sentimental aspects of the human soul through objects. It's not just about profit; it's about evoking emotions. Beauty, whether in nature or in design, is essential—it's what moves us and enriches our lives.


Can you tell us more about the Bolide range?


The Bolide range is an ambitious project comprising four models. We're envisioning a 70-foot twin-engine model, a triple-engine model, an approximately 110-foot quad-engine vessel, and a 50-meter yacht with various propulsion systems, including diesel and hybrid options. We're also collaborating with a leading gas turbine manufacturer to introduce innovative propulsion solutions. These models represent our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology in the yachting industry.


How did the decision to build boats, not just design them, come about?


The decision to build boats was not driven by presumption but by a desire to overcome challenges and gain practical experience. We've always built prototypes to better understand the production process and improve our designs. Bolide represents a culmination of our expertise in various specialized sectors, including high-performance components for competitions and defense. While we're not a traditional shipyard, we aim to set new standards in yacht construction by leveraging our experience and capabilities.