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photos by David Yarrow

From oceans to wildlife, David Yarrow has focused on the most important themes concerning our planet and its preservation. On top of that, thanks to his undoubted skills as an art photographer  and his ironic love for provocation, he has raised over $ 11 million for charity.


Sport stars, world-renowned models, wildlife, indigenous communities and landscapes are the main subjects of this 58 years old British fine-art photographer and conservationist. His most famous photo portrays Diego Armando Maradona triumphing at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City with the World Cup just won at the 1986 World Cup where David Yarrow was sent by the English newspaper The Times. His poetry has changed and now he shows a powerful mix of native ingenuity, surprised animals, beautiful models in an ironic reconstruction of the strong ongoing American dream. 


Empire of the Summer Moon. The title comes from the New York Times bestseller about the 40-year war against the Comanches, the most powerful tribe in American history. 

His father, Sir Eric Yarrow, acclaimed as the successful artificer of the Glasgow shipyards business, led the company through some of the most turbulent periods for the British shipbuilding industry and developing a connection with the Royal Navy. A Yarrow ship was supposed to be a fast one: the Yarrow shipyard launched the first destroyer to exceed 30 knots. Sea and ships were a family affair for David, who chose these subjects for many of his shots.

In this page you can perceive the essence of a fine art photographer and his true love for challenge. But if look beyond you will appreciate his real interest for nature and its preservation. Pinguin and ocean life are the subjects picked up by David to raise awareness about the protection of our planet. You may say these are only words matching four stunning shots. But there’s more. Much more. David Yarrow is known for helping charity initiatives. Yarrow is the affiliated photographer for the African Conservation Charity Tusk Trust, a British organization founded in 1990. In 2021, his collaboration with Cindy Crawford raised over 3 million dollars for the American Family Children’s Hospital. And since 2018, Yarrow’s work has raised over 11 million dollars for philanthropic and preservation organizations. Nature is art and Yarrow is just looking after it. 


«I think everyone should be proud of the role they played in creating the parody. If any of the subjects were removed from the picture, then it would be materially lessened. It needed the giant lobsters; the spray of champagne; the FBI; the helicopter; both the wolf and the girl  on the top deck»






The Killers was shot by Yarrow off the Norwegian coast in 2019

«Photographing an orca isn’t very challenging: all you need is a bit of research, an experienced boat captain and an appetite for the sea»